• Benefits of Galaxy Steel Frames

    GALAXY steel delivers substantial
    benefits for homeowners,
    designers, and the home builders themselves.

  • Termite proof

    Vitally important, Galaxy Steel Frames are
    Termite Proof. No nasty chemicals
    needed to protect your house frames.

  • Non Flammable

    GALAXY steel is also inert
    and cannot start a fire, and is there is no fuel
    to sustain a fire in your home or office.

  • Fully flexible

    The strength of GALAXY steel frames allow
    you to design and build beyond your
    imagination. Build your dream home with
    soaring rooflines, vaulted ceilings and much
    more. Use all available space in imaginative
    ways.With longer spans than timber or
    masonry, lighter weight, high strength, you
    can create larger open living spaces.
    All this and still exceeding all building
    and fire regulations.

  • Accurate & Straight

    All GALAXY steel wall and roof frames are
    precision manufactured and dimensionally
    accurate. Which means that
    your home is built better, faster and
    stronger. Your frames wont bend,
    twist or warp, reducing the likelihood
    of sticking windows, cracking
    corners, mismatched rooflines
    and out of square rooms.

  • Strong As Steel

    Your home frame has a steel superstructure
    that will last a lifetime.Designed to stay strong
    against the harsh environments – freezing cold,
    boiling hot any anywhere in between,
    as well as by the sea. The durability of GALAXY steel
    provides structural form in all types
    of environments and conditions - even where
    fire is an ever present threat, it outperforms a timber
    frame.Backed by a 10 year Galaxy Steel warranty*,
    GALAXY steel provides homeowners with the 
    reassurance of knowing their most
    valuable asset is protected.* Conditions apply, see our 
    warranty page for details.

  • Fully recyclable material

    GALAXY Steel is one of the most recycled
    materials in the world -
    there are recycling facilities almost everywhere!!!

  • Strong As Steel

    Steel framing made from GALAXY steel helps
    the environment in the immediate and long term …
    Its strength, light weight and design flexibility mean
    that you can minimize your site footprint. Get more
    for less. Reduce or eliminate the need for site cuts,
    easily suspend and support – making your building
    site cleaner with less wastage.All GALAXY
    steel frames are fabricated off-site to your
    exact specifications, there is limited
    cutting and wastage onsite - making for a better and s
    afer building environment. And the
    house can be finished much quicker as well

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