2003, we commenced trading in Europe. Head
office was located in Northern Ireland
of UK. We supplied to commercial
and domestic buildings in
metropolitan cities such as
Belfast, Danigal, Dublin,
Berlin, Warsaw as well as

2011, the entire group of the most unbeatable
business moved to Australia. So far we have
market in Victoria, Queensland as well as
Western Australia. We mainly focus on
domestic and commercial projects.
We provide full service starting
from design, manufacture and

domestic houses in rural
areas. Amongst all those
completed buildings, the
most reputable projects we
cooperated are: Hilton Hotel,
Smart Telecom Head Office, the
unique Ambassador’s Apartments and the
local public Train Station.

delivery of steel frame. The most
remarkable projects we'vecompleted
are: the Geelong city sewage cycle
system, several bridgesin northern
part of Melbourne, few social welfare
apartments in St.Kilda, the biggest
government project in Bendigo city-Bendigo
hospital. Too many to list here…

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